The leaders in Silent Party event planning

Welcome to Silent Party King!

We are the leaders in silent partying in New England. We have collectively over 20 years experience in pure high energy entertainment and have worked with clients throwing a children’s birthday party to 500+ person music festivals and all points in between.

We pride ourselves on customer service and truly making sure the client is taking care of. We offer full hands on deck support during your event or a more DIY approach where we give you the tools to run your own ship as you see fit.
We can offer standard packages or fully customize your experience.
How does it work ?
Picture this:

3 floors of pure partying being held simultaneously in the same space.

Three DJs, with completely different music genres, perform simultaneously in front of the same audience on the standard equipment with their individual styles on full display. Now signal from each of the three DJ’s mixers is no longer going to the preamp or amplifier, but to the transmitter, from where is wirelessly transmitted to the headphones. Therefore, the signal from each of the three mixers goes into the transmitter in one of three inputs (that are highlighted by 3 different colors). The audience is able to switch the channel on the headphones at any time to choose between color channels and to control the volume. The DJs have a designated color that the audience can then choose to party with. Think switching from a Pop station to a Jazz station to a Country station to find what you want to hear in that moment. That is how LED signalizing which performer, and which floor is selected for listening.

Can you see it, rather can you hear it?

Communication among the audience is not disturbed by loud speaker systems, it is enough to remove a headphone from ear or to reduce volume and communicate using normal voice.

For the first time, the people are empowered to listen to who they want, when they want and at what volume or even at all.

To the organizers and promoters, you are able to throw a beach party, boat cruise, wedding reception, sweet 16, or play some cool tunes outside next in a public park without any disturbance or restrictions. Also, as a huge bonus you save money,. time and physical wear and tear on things like – equipment, space, number of patrons and the electricity consumption.